Types Of Birthday Drinks You Can Offer

If you are someone who loves to try out new drinks at different occasions then you are probably someone who is often seen at the bars when it comes to parties. We have enlisted the types of birthday drinks in Melbourne that could be seen or opted for when hosting a birthday party for an adult. 

  1. Sex on the Beach
    When you go to the parties, you often go from the regular shots orbirthday-drinks some mixed drinks. But, to change the game, you should opt for other options too. One of the famous drinks is known as sex on the beach which is often the bartender’s favorite to offer to the customers. This particular drink consists of vodka, cranberry juice, peach schnapps and orange juice. With all this included, there’s a taste of alcohol which would fulfill the requirement of your tasted buds. 
  1. Whiskey Sour
    If you want to keep an option in the menu that is simple yet classy, whiskey sour is your option to go. A basic and simple whiskey sour consists of lemon juice, bourbon and sugar. Sometimes, lemon juice is often substituted with a simple syrup to be called as a sour mix. Depending on the bar, if you seriously love too sour options, this is your drink to go for. 
  1. Screw Driver
    This is one of the most common drinks that I’m pretty sure almost all of you have tried at least once in a lifetime. This drink consists of vodka and orange juice only, but the fact that most of you are not aware of the official name of this drink. A lot of you must have had this drink by drinking lots of vodka with a mixture of some kind of juice but never knew the name for it. Which is why we have jotted this one on the list for you so that next time you want to order this for yourself, know that the name is screw driver. 
  1. Mai Tai
    If you love to plan a beach birthday party for yourself, the combination of the beach and this particular drink, Mai Tai is the best thing you can do for the event. Mai Tai’s have a citrusy type taste which is often considered to be fun for most of the people as this consists of orange syrup, white rum and orange curacao, fresh lime and dark rum. Mai tai is the perfect summer drink which allows one to feel the summer breeze too. 
  2. Cosmopolitan
    If you are looking for something super classy, cosmopolitan is the drink you should opt for. It is a basic drink that consists of cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, vodka and Cointreau.